'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies' Box Reveals Upcoming 'Crisis On Two Earths' Animated Film

Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesThe Dark Knight and the Man of Steel are teaming together for "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" this fall, but it appears that their on-screen alliance will involve plenty of other superheroes in the near future.

World's Finest took a look at the back cover art for the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD releases of "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies," which contains plenty of information about the film's bonus features. Perhaps the most interesting detail, however, is the title of the next DC Universe animated film: "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths."

Details regarding the film are scarce at this point, though World's Finest points out that Dwayne McDuffie is attached as the writer for the upcoming feature. McDuffie's animated writing credits include "Justice League Unlimited" and "Teen Titans." He also created the animated series "Static Shock" and wrote several issues of the "Justice League of America" comic book.


While the plot's specifics remain under wraps, the title alone is provocative enough. DC Comics is famous for its various "Crisis" events, most notably "Crisis on Infinite Earths," which claimed the life of Barry Allen, better known as the Flash. The recently concluded "Final Crisis" saw Allen's resurrection but also claimed the lives of DC notables Martian Manhunter and Batman.

Whether "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" follows the story beats of the previously released comic book events, the title alone implies that the Multiverse—DC's series of parallel universes, including Earth-2 and others—will be involved in some capacity.

Are you excited for "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths," or would you prefer the DC Universe animated films to focus on specific characters like "Wonder Woman" and "Green Lantern: First Flight"? Let us know in the comments section!