Memorials, Galactus And 'The Walking Dead' In Today's Twitter Report

GalactusA few tweets I didn't include today indicated that there might have been more than a handful of Marvel employees up late celebrating the company's 70th birthday last night. Nevertheless, executive editor Tom Brevoort was on the ball this morning tweeting a remembrance of deceased comics creators Mark Gruenwald and Mike Wieringo, who I mentioned here a few days ago.

Marvel's anniversary wasn't the only reason to celebrate in Comics Tweetland last night, however. Robert Kirkman was ready to pounce when the news about "The Walking Dead" coming to AMC broke. His zombie-loving comics colleagues, such as Ron Marz and Gerry Duggan, were quick to salute him.

Click on downward, and you'll find all of those, as well as an exceptionally nerdy discussion of Galactus between R. Stevens and Jhonen Vasquez, great news for Tony Moore, and Top Shelf head Chris Staros' annual adventure to Graceland. It's all in the Twitter Report for August 12, 2009.

@TomBrevoort Mark Gruenwald. 1953-1996; Mike Wieringo, 1963-2007.

-Tom Brevoort, Editor ("New Avengers," "Civil War")

AMC pt 1: @RobertKirkman I guess the cat is out of the bag. Sweet!

-Robert Kirkman, Writer ("Invincible," "The Walking Dead")

AMC pt 2: @ronmarz @RobertKirkman Congrats, man. Darabont and AMC -- that's some good company to be keeping.

-Ron Marz, Writer ("Witchblade," "Green Lantern")

AMC pt 3: @GerryDuggan @RobertKirkman I look forward to the Mad Men crossover -- congrats!

-Gerry Duggan, Writer ("The Infinite Horizon")

@tonymoore Yes, it's true! my wife @karajo is bearing my child! I will now express my strength and virility by growing a moustache!

-Tony Moore, Artist ("The Walking Dead," "Fear Agent")

@chrisstaros I've made this annual pilgirimage to Graceland for almost 25 years now—and it never gets old. First stop Tupelo, birthplace of the King.

-Chris Staros, Publisher ("The Surrogates," "Lost Girls")

Galactus pt 1: @rstevens Galactus doesn't eat planets, he makes love to them.

-R. Stevens, Writer/Artist ("Diesel Sweeties")

Galactus pt 2: @JhonenV @rstevens Unicron eats them. IT eats them. Maybe they just wait for Galactus to season them before those worlds are delicious enough.

-Jhonen Vasquez, Writer/Artist ("Johnny the Homicidal Maniac," "Invader Zim")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@Templesmith Ok NOW I go sleep. "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day."

-Ben Templesmith, Artist ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford")

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