Cameron Diaz Finally Talks 'Green Hornet,' Says 'I'm In!'

Cameron DiazIt wasn’t too long ago that Cameron Diaz’s presence in the “Green Hornet” movie was rumored, vaguely discussed, and eventually under negotiations. Now, the superstar is finally ready to offer her two-word statement on the issue.

“I’m in,” grinned the beauty when we caught up with her recently.

Diaz has officially signed on to play Lenore “Casey” Case, historically Britt Reid’s beautiful secretary and one of the few people aware of the fact that Reid (who will be played by Seth Rogen), spends his off-hours fighting crime as the Hornet. In the soon-to-shoot film, however, Casey will be reimagined as a forensics-TV-show loving amateur sleuth who remains in the dark about Green Hornet’s true identity—and is smarting from a recent divorce.

“I am making Michel Gondry’s movie,” she said of the visionary director, who Diaz said is giving the 70-year-old character an extreme makeover. “I am very, very excited about it.”

Diaz also told us that she recently met the new Kato, and that they’re hard at work in pre-production for the Summer 2010 flick. “Seth and Michel are awesome, and Jay Chou too,” she said. “We’re having a really great time.”

Diaz has been hard at work reviewing the past incarnations of Casey, but explained that it will ultimately be a modern, very different take on the character. “I think she’ll have her own little [differences],” explained the “Charlie’s Angels” series star. “I’m going with Michel, because this is Michel’s movie and Seth’s movie. So, I’m playing the character that they wrote for us.”

In the past, Gondry has spoken about the distinctive style he’ll be using for the fight scenes, speeding up some actors on screen while others are operating at a slower speed. But with the athletically-inclined Diaz in the role, will Casey get in on some of that ass-kicking?

“We’ll have to go see next summer,” Diaz said with a grin.

Are you excited about Gondry’s re-interpretation of the “Green Hornet” storyline? What, if anything, needs to stay the same? Sound off in the comment section or on Twitter!