'Wonder Woman' Screenwriter Says He 'Took Liberties' With Spec Script

Wonder WomanBridget Regan might have won over Wonder Woman fans, but what's the scoop on the actual live-action "Wonder Woman" film? As Warner Bros. and DC Comics continue to develop movie versions of their characters, the star-spangled heroine is rumored to be towards the top of the list. If nothing else, there is a script in the works for "Wonder Woman" -- and no, it's not the fabled Joss Whedon version.

CineFools spoke with screenwriter Brent Strickland who, along with writing partner Matthew Jennison, wrote the most recent version of the "Wonder Woman" script for Warner Bros. and DC Comics. Strickland said that the film will straddle the line between faithful adaptation and creative interpretation.

"We certainly took liberties on our spec 'Wonder Woman,' but we also used a ton of stuff from the comic," he said. "My feeling is that ultimately something iconic like 'Wonder Woman' needs to be a hybrid of the source material and the writer's original inspiration. We feel an obligation to the fan base not only to treat the property with respect, but also to make it fresh -- to reinvent the story without reinventing the wheel, so to speak."

As far as the tone, Strickland said the single-most important ingredient in a "Wonder Woman" movie is maintaining a sense of adventure.

"I want it to be a ride," he described. "There should be breathtaking action sequences alongside character beats that allow the audience to relate to this Amazon princess, and moments where they get to laugh but not because it's campy. People have described the spec as 'Wonder Woman' meets 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' I think that's a pretty good tone."

Even if Strickland and Jennison are bringing their own vision to "Wonder Woman," there's no doubting that Joss Whedon's script had its share of supporters -- including Strickland himself.

"I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan," he admitted. "I, like pretty much everyone, thought when Joss took the reins of 'Wonder Woman' it would hit theaters in short order, and I was looking forward to seeing his take."

Which version of "Wonder Woman" would you prefer, Whedon's take or Strickland's? Let us know in the comments!