Edward James Olmos Joins 'The Green Hornet' In Unspecified Role

Edward James OlmosFollowing the conclusion of "Battlestar Galactica," a large chunk of the show's actors have migrated towards the comic book medium. Katee Sackhoff is reportedly eyeballing a turn as Typhoid Mary and Tricia Helfer recently starred in "Green Lantern: First Flight" -- and now, yet another veteran of the Human-Cylon conflict is taking the plunge into the comic book world.

Hollywood Snitch reports that Edward James Olmos of "Galactica" fame has landed an unspecified role in "The Green Hornet," the Michel Gondry-directed, Seth Rogen-starring adaptation of the masked pulp icon. Olmos broke the news at last weekend's Wizard World Chicago, though he was tight-lipped about his involvement.

"I'm on my way to do 'The Green Hornet,'" said Olmos. "It'll be a lot of fun with Seth [Rogen], Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz."

Indeed, the erstwhile Admiral William Adama joins an ever-growing cast that includes Nicolas Cage as an unnamed gangster villain and Cameron Diaz as a reporter and love interest for Rogen's titular hero.

Most recently, Taiwanese actor-musician Jay Chou was announced for the role of Kato, the martial arts-savvy sidekick to the Green Hornet. The part was initially filled by Stephen Chow before ultimately leaving the project.

While it might take some time before we know the specifics of Olmos' role, I think it's safe to assume that his involvement gets a resounding "So say we all!" from genre geeks and "Galactica" fans around the world. Whether he plays a hero, villain or a combination of the two, pulling Adama aboard "The Green Hornet" is nothing short of a frakkin' awesome idea.

Excited for Edward James Olmos to join "The Green Hornet"? What type of role do you think he'll play?