'G.I. Joe' Cast On Snake Eyes Actor Ray Park: 'He Stayed In Character The Whole Time'

It's almost time for "G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra" to blast its way onto movie screens across the U.S., and since Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Duke and their crew have had a long history in comics, we're looking forward to finding out how well the Real American Heroes handle their trip to the live-action world.

To that end, when "G.I. Joe" actors Channing Tatum (Duke) and Marlon Wayans (Ripcord) sat down with MTV Movies Blog editor Adam Rosenberg, he made sure to ask them who the biggest "Joe" fan on the set was and what he thought of the production. It turns out that the actor who could've offered the most insight on the property was also the actor who took a vow of silence to bring the G.I. Joe team's most popular member to life.

"Ray Park was the biggest 'Joe' expert," said Wayans of the actor playing the team's silent ninja, Snake Eyes, in the film. "Only thing is, he wouldn't share information because he couldn't talk."

According to Wayans and Tatum, Park was so concerned with getting into his character's head that he refused to speak during the filming of the movie — making it difficult for his co-stars to tap his "G.I. Joe" IQ.

"He stayed in character the whole time. I don't know how Ray Park looks or sounds," laughed Wayans.

"He would not take off the helmet," added Tatum.

"He slept in it!" said Wayans.

Park's reverence for the role should certainly come as a good sign to fans of the series, many of whom have echoed the sentiment of Twitter user (and Splash Page reader) JustinHamill in this recent response to our "G.I. Joe" coverage: "Let's be honest... the only reason any of us will go see GI Joe is for Snake Eyes vs Stormshadow."

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