'The Losers' Set Photos Offer Peek At Zoe Saldana As Aisha

The LosersNot convinced that "The Losers" will be ready for its April 2010 release date? Maybe some photographic evidence will change your opinion.

As pointed out on Twitter by "Losers" artist Jock, Flickr user mparis13 snapped several shots from the Puerto Rico set of "The Losers," the upcoming adaptation of the DC Comics/Vertigo title. According to the photographer, the production was filming a "fire scene" close to his home.

In total, there are 13 different photographs from "The Losers" set. While information on the movie's happenings remain scarce, there are a few hidden gems that can be gleaned from the photographs -- including the first look at actress Zoe Saldana as the shadowy Aisha in the film.

"This is the best shot I got of Zoe Saldana," the photographer wrote regarding one of the photos. "She passed right in front of me, but it took me a few seconds to recognize her and, by the time I did, she was flipping her hair with her back to me. She looked very pretty, though."

A second shot showed the actress standing in the middle of a relatively busy street, populated by a small dog and firetruck.

The Losers

"When she arrived on set the whole street kind of filled with smoke," the photographer said of Saldana. "It was very strange but kind of appropriate."

Saldana was the only main cast member spotted in the photographs, with the remaining pictures showcasing the various storefronts and automobiles strewn about the film. Given the ease with which these photographs were taken, it shouldn't be long before similar shots of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans and the other "Losers" surface as well.

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