Best Bets: 'Mayhem' Ensues When Tyrese Gibson Kicks Off His New Series!

MayhemAfter taking a much-needed, post-Comic-Con week off, we're back with all of the regular features here on Splash Page -- and that includes your weekly dose of comics crossovers to look out for among this week's titles. Our spotlight comic this week is one of the most heavily promoted new series lately, with a famous creator who's taken every opportunity possible to let you know about his his new book.

"MAYHEM" #1 (Image Comics): Created by actor/musician Tyrese Gibson ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"), this new series is Gibson's first foray into the comic book world, but he's been saying all the right things and making all the right moves to prove it's not just a passing whim.

The story of a gun-slinging vigilante who battles with an evil drug kingpin in L.A., "Mayhem" has been the first (and last) thing Gibson's talked about during countless interviews and press events, while also never shying away from his status as a newcomer to the comics world. As he told MTV News back in June, he's knocking at the door of the comics world, and it's up to fans to let him in.

Absolution"ABSOLUTION" #1 (Avatar Press): Back in June we made the #0 issue of this series by "Law & Order" writer Christos Gage one of our Best Bets, and the introductory issue certainly didn't disappoint. The real story of what happens when super-powered cop John Dusk crosses the line kicks off this week when issue #1 hits stands, and promises to offer both the procedural drama Gage is known for, as well as the no-holds-barred, mature-reader action that publisher Avatar Press brings to so many of their series.

Incarnate"INCARNATE" #1 (Radical Comics): Gene Simmons of KISS found inspiration for his on-stage costume in the pages of a comic book, so it's no surprise that his son, Nick Simmons, has found his way to the paneled page, too. The pair attended Comic-Con this year to promote Nick's debut comic, "Incarnate," and from what I've seen of the series, you might not want to write it off as another celebrity vanity project. The story's intriguing, the interior art is wild, and the cover is by brilliant "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" artist Jo Chen. All of these facts served to pique my interest -- and I bet I'm not alone in that.

Honorable Mention: "Star Wars: Dark Times -- Blue Harvest" #0 (Dark Horse): Somehow Dark Horse Comics manages to make every single title in their "Star Wars" line a good read for loyal fans and newcomers to Star Wars' extended universe. I'm not sure how they do it, but I feel perfectly safe recommending anything they publish with "Star Wars" in the title. They're that good.

Planning to pick up any of these issues? Sound off with your thoughts (and picks for the week) in teh comment section!