Jennifer Love Hewitt: 'I Want To Play Wonder Woman'

It may take some time before a modern Wonder Woman film materializes, but from Jessica Biel to Megan Fox, opinions on the role of Paradise Island's most famous part-time resident never seem far from the lips of Hollywood starlets.

Case in point: actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. When asked about her preferred criteria for upcoming roles, the star of CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer" and creator of IDW's upcoming "The Music Box," told MTV News that she's ready for some action.

"I'd really love to do an action movie. I'd really love to do like a 'Tomb Raider' or something like that," said Hewitt, "I think that'd be fun. I would love to play like a super hero or something like that. That would be awesome."

Hewitt quickly narrowed down just what kind of super hero she'd like to play, pinpointing one of comics' most celebrated heroines.

"I want to play Wonder Woman, I want them to make the movie of Wonder Woman and I want to play Wonder Woman so bad, I think it'd be really fun," said Hewitt.

As for Hewitt's qualifications? The actress pointed out her curvaceous frame, wrists appropriate for gold bracelets, a love of tiaras and a natural athleticism.

While we're pretty sure she meant "silver" bracelets, Hewitt did manage to keep the details of her potential invisible airplane under wraps after being questioned by MTV Movies Editor Josh Horowitz.

"I can't talk about it or I'd have to kill you," said Hewitt.

That sounds about right for Wonder Woman.

Think the current "Ghost Whisperer" has what it takes to portray an Amazon warrior princess? Wonder about the possibility in the comments.