'Fear Agent' Adaptation 'Might Be A Giant, $100 Million Movie,' Says Creator

Fear AgentWhen last we checked, word was Universal had scooped up Rick Remender's "Fear Agent" for a potential motion picture. However, the media onslaught of Comic-Con merited updates on the properties making the rounds in Hollywood -- and this gritty space drama was certainly no exception.

"Well ['Fear Agent'] still moving forward," Remender told MTV News, "The press release that went out was a leak, it wasn't official and it was missing a lot of details obviously."

"I met with a couple of the guys involved in San Diego this past weekend and had a really good chat about it," he expalined. "It looks like the home is going to be Universal. I don't want to say anything definitive about any of the details yet, but it sounded like 'Fear Agent' might be a giant, $100 million movie."

Remender's optimism doesn't seem to be solely the product of a proud creator either, as the current "Punisher" writer pointed to the current comic book-friendly climate in Hollywood and an audience appreciation for science fiction.

"It's hard to believe, but I think that the status of the comic book industry has definitely helped. I don't think that movies like the new 'Star Trek' hurt either where people can see that sort of high-octane science fiction with velocity and a pair of balls in terms of fun, there's a large audience for it and it's not being met," said Remender.

While Remender said it was too early to officially talk casting, the writer maintained his previously mentioned preference for Jon Hamm or Aaron Eckhart in the film's starring role as Heath Huston.

"Put either of those guys in [the film] and give them a flask of whiskey and put some Hank Williams on and I think you've got a pretty cool [movie] that would film well, potentially creating a franchise with some blockbuster potential," he said.

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