Swag Report: Abe Sapien Towers Over Hellboy, And Books Arrive By The Bunch!

Another Comic-Con has come and gone, but I arrived back at Splash Page HQ to find a big ol' pile of boxes waiting for me. Some of the new swag included some great Comic-Con exclusives -- not the least of which was a massive Abe Sapien that is now staring down at me as a write this. It is unnerving, to say the least.

Swag Report

There were also some great books, toys and an assortment of geekery that reminds me why being the editor of Splash Page is such a privilege.

Read on for the full breakdown...

Swag Report

By far the biggest (literally) surprise waiting for me when I returned from San Diego was the 18-inch Deluxe Abe Sapien figure from Mezco Toyz. Based on Doug Jones' creepy portrayal of the character in "Hellboy" and "Hellboy II," the figure is ridiculously detailed for its size -- and I can't keep my eyes off it. In fact, it's staring at me... right... now.

Underneath Abe Sapien in the photo is another exclusive Mezco figure: their Mike Mignola-inspired Hellboy Mez-Itz from the line of collectible vinyl figures I profiled before the big show.

Next we have the new, Target-exclusive set of Transformers -- Aerialbots, to be exact. As readers of the site (and my Twitter feed) already know, I'm a sucker for giant, transforming robots. And when they combine into an even bigger robot? Well, I'm hooked. I love this throwback to the old line of Transformers, and I fully intend to break them out of stand Superion (the robot they combine to form) right next to Abe Sapien.

Now we have some of the books I received over the last week or so. DC/Vertigo sent along a few books, including the first volume of the new "Unknown Soldier" series, as well as hardcover editions of Ian Rankin's "Dark Entries" (a nice little mystery involving "Hellblazer" hero John Constantine) and Brian Azzarello's "Filthy Rich." The latter two are part of their new "Graphic Mystery" line of compact, hardcover graphic novels, and having read both stories, I can tell you they're not only good-looking additions to the bookshelf, but wonderfully dark little stories that impressed the heck out of me.

Image sent along copies of the first volume of Glen Brunswick's "Jersey Gods" (which I've been meaning to read for a while now), and Jonathan Hickman's "Pax Romana." I'd never heard of "Romana" before now, to be honest -- but it's been officially added to my weekend reading list. I loved Hickman's "Nightly News," so I'll give anything he creates a shot. I also received the sixth volume of Scott Kurtz's "PvP," the print collection of his brilliant webcomic. I've already told you how much I enjoy his work in the last installment of the Swag Report, so let's just move on to the final book, shall we?

Josh Neufeld's "A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge" is the story of seven New Orleans residents in the time leading up to, during and after Hurricane Katrina. It's not a light read, but it's something you should read -- if only for what it proves about the value of graphic novels as a form of journalism.

So, that's this week's Swag Report, folks -- a selection of the books, toys and other items I received over the last week or so.

If you've read some of these books, are familiar with the action figures or toys I mention, or just have some thoughts about the items I've described here, be sure to leave a comment or respond via Twitter. I'll be looking out!