Jerry Bruckheimer Picks Up 'World War Robot' Movie Rights

World War RobotThere are already filmic plans for a world war waged against zombies, but how about one that's fought against an army of robots? Sure, it's been done before in "Terminator," but those Schwarzenegger-resembling robots have never taken to space, have they?

That landscape is set to change in "World War Robot," an upcoming movie based on the popular IDW Publishing comic book by writer-artist Ashley Wood. Variety reports that producer Jerry Bruckheimer picked up the comic's feature film rights during last weekend's Comic-Con International.

"World War Robot" is a galaxy-spanning conflict between man and machine, told through diary-like anecdotes from both human resistance fighters and their physically dominant robot enemies. The titular war takes place in a bevy of interplanetary locations including Earth, the moon and Mars.

While IDW Publishing isn't a stranger to producing film versions of their comic book properties -- "30 Days of Night," of course, is one such franchise -- their modus operandi tends to focus on creating comic book adaptations of movies and television series. IDW holds the licensing rights to such properties as "Transformers," "G.I. Joe," "Angel" and "24."

Most recently, and perhaps most successfully, IDW produced "Star Trek: Countdown," a prequel miniseries to the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Trek" film. The company announced an adaptation of the film at Comic-Con, which is set to include several new scenes that didn't make the movie's final cut.

While Bruckheimer hasn't offered any comments regarding "World War Robot," his body of work speaks for itself. With films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Black Hawk Down" and "Armageddon" on his resume, "World War Robot" is guaranteed to be big, loud and chalk full of explosive goodness... if nothing else.

Are you a fan of Ashley Wood's "World War Robot"? Of his comics work, is this the best project for a film adaptation? Give us your thoughts in the comments!