What If Michael Jackson Made 'Spider-Man'? Stan Lee Explains How It Almost Happened!

Last month, Michael Jackson's death prompted a recollection of how close he and Stan Lee came to buying Marvel Comics. The piece received quite a bit of attention, so when I had the chance to talk with Lee during this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, I had to ask the legendary co-creator of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk and countless other comic book superheroes about his professional and personal relationship with the King of Pop.

While Lee had kind words for the recently deceased pop culture icon, his mention of Jackson's interest in another of Lee's famous co-creations perked up my ears. In the grand tradition of Marvel Comics' famous series, Lee's response offered up a "What If?" tale involving Jackson and Spider-Man tailor-made for an alternate Marvel universe.

"I had been to his place in Neverland ... and he wanted to do Spider-Man," Lee told MTV News. "I'm not sure whether he just wanted to produce it or wanted to play the role, you know? Our conversation never got that far along."

According to Lee, Jackson had hoped to add ownership of Peter Parker and Co. to his already impressive collection of comics and comic book memorabilia.

"He thought I'd be the one who could get him the rights and I told him I couldn't, he would have to go to the Marvel company," said Lee. "But we did become friendly... and he was a great guy."

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