'Night Mary' Writer Rick Remender Weighs In On New Movie Option For Horror Comic

Night MaryMost people fight to wake up from their nightmares, but for the Rick Remender ("Fear Agent") and Kieron Dwyer ("XXXombies") character Mary Specter, entering the dreams of others to help resolve sleep issues is all in a night's work. Now, as Animal Logic, the studio behind "300," prepares to adapt IDW's "Night Mary," Remender reflects on the material's origins and explains why the tale is just right for a feature film.

According to Remender, bringing "Mary" to Hollywood has been a long time coming. After the adaptation cycled through a few other movie attempts that didn't quite materialize, he and Dwyer were ready to lose hope. That's when the property's management and production team at Circle of Confusion finally found a home for the series at Animal Logic.

"The people at Animal Logic have done effects for some pretty giant stuff –-- '300,' 'The Matrix,' 'Happy Feet,' and I think they saw the visual potential in 'Night Mary' as well as what I believe is a smart psychological thriller with youth potential," Remender told MTV News.

"Night Mary" follows a teenage girl who helps the patients of her father's sleep clinic by using her ability to enter dreams. Things backfire when she unwittingly steps into the dreams of a serial killer, getting caught in a world where dreams and reality aren't easily -- or safely -- separated.

Though Animal Logic's CEO Zareh Nalbandian is attached to produce with IDW's Ted Adams and Circle of Confusion's David Alpert and Rick Jacobs executive producing, Remender says he and Dwyer are open to being as involved as the production company would like – especially given the creators' mutual multimedia careers. Of course, the writer pointed out the studio seems to have already proven it can handle creator concepts on its own.

"A lot of times people view [comic getting optioned for film] with a sense of skepticism, and of course I never really get married to the idea of something happening, but ['Night Mary'] has a really good chance of actually making it to the screen," said Remender.

What do you think "Night Mary" fans? Is Animal Logic a good fit for the property? Dream on in the comments.