Zack Snyder Wants to Direct Christian Bale as Batman... 20 Years From Now?

For those keeping score at home, director Zack Snyder has been saying for years that he’d love to direct a movie based on “The Dark Knight Returns,” Frank Miller’s now-classic tale of an older Batman returning from retirement to take down Harvey Dent and a violent gang called “The Mutants.” The two biggest problems with this, obviously, are that a world-class filmmaker now runs the Batman franchise, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else but Christian Bale playing Batman.

So, what’s the solution for the “Watchmen” filmmaker? Wait it out.

“Frank’s ‘Dark Knight’ is a 50-year-old Batman,” explained Snyder, who we caught up with at Comic-Con while he was promoting his dazzling new “Watchmen” Director’s Cut on Blu-Ray. “The reality is that Batman, as a franchise at Warner Brothers, is doing pretty good; people have heard of it.”

“They love that Bat guy. And Heath — amazing,” admitted Snyder. “And Chris is killing it to death.”

Still, Snyder insisted, when he thinks about those long-term projects that he hopes to direct before it’s time to hang up the clapboard and megaphone, “Dark Knight Returns” is always at the top of his list.

“So for me, I’ll probably be in my twilight years directing one movie every now and then — made-for-TV movies and stuff like that,” laughed the 43-year-old filmmaker, imagining a time about two decades from now. “And I then will have a chance, maybe.”

“It will be only 20 years from now, and it’ll be Christian Bale in his 50s,” Snyder said of his dream scenario. “And by then, Chris will be over it and I’ll roll up and be like, ‘Let’s make a ‘Dark Knight’ movie!’”

“A scenario like that is probably the only way I could see it happening,” added Snyder, who is currently hard at work on pre-production of the ass-kicking-girls action flick “Sucker Punch.” “[But Bale] would be tired of it, I’m sure.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Snyder directing Bale in a Batman flick twenty years from now? Or can there never be another Batman director after Nolan?