Jon Favreau Exploring IMAX for 'Iron Man 2'

Iron ManJon Favreau wants to make either “Iron Man 3” and/or “The Avengers” in 3D. What could be cooler than that? What could be even bigger than the notion of seeing Tony Stark and his supersuit flying off the screen, launching repulsor beams at your face?

Well, nothing’s bigger than IMAX, right?

“IMAX is also very compelling,” Favreau revealed to us over the weekend at Comic-Con, saying there’s a good chance that “Iron Man 2” will be released on IMAX screens much like “The Dark Knight” before it. “[I like the idea of] either shooting in the IMAX format, or blowing it up to IMAX.”

As Favreau explained it, James Cameron himself met up with the actor-turned-filmmaker months ago and dazzled him with advance footage of “Avatar.” He was so impressed, in fact, that Favreau went back to Marvel and attempted to talk them into letting him shoot “Iron Man 2” in 3D. Obviously, those plans never panned out, and Favreau wasn’t able to shoot the “Iron Man” sequel with IMAX cameras, either.

Nevertheless, he’s making plans to blow-up some (if not all) of “Iron Man 2,” and release it on IMAX screens.

“Both of those are looking really good right now,” he said of IMAX and 3D. “And we’re looking into doing an IMAX release as well.”

The move would make sense for the “Iron Man” sequel, which will undoubtedly be an event flick as huge as “Dark Knight,” “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” and other films like them which have had lucrative IMAX releases. The movie is due in theaters May 7, 2010, which gives Favreau and friends plenty of time to adapt “Iron Man 2” for the bigger screens. Stay tuned, as we’ll have further details on both the IMAX and the 3D details, as the future of Iron Man becomes bigger, better, and more dimensional.

Which would you rather see: An “Iron Man” movie in 3D or IMAX?