EXCLUSIVE: New 'Transformers' Ongoing Comic Book Series Announced - Here's Your First Look!

TransformersThe reported $600 million "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" has taken in worldwide means that giant robots are on a lot of people's minds this summer, and IDW Publishing hopes that will still be the case in November when they launch the first of three new titles starring the popular robots in disguise.

The "Transformers" moniker has a long history in comics, and IDW has kept the shelves full of Starscream and Megatron miniseries for quite a while now. IDW's new lineup, however, will be led by the 'bots' first ongoing title in years.

"This is the first ongoing 'Transformers' series for IDW, and there's a good reason to do it now," said IDW editor Andy Schmidt. "These stories are too big and too important to contain in even several volumes of miniseries."

Written by Mike Costa with artwork by Don Figueroa, the new core title will set the new "Transformers" universe in motion as two miniseries, "Transformers: Bumblebee" and "Transformers: The Last Stand," spin out of its events in December and January, respectively.

"This is the best jumping on point for new comics or Transformers fans in years," said Schmidt. "We're embarking on a whole new journey and an exciting new direction."

Now check out a page from issue #1 of IDW's new "Transformers" ongoing series, hitting shelves in November!


Been waiting for a new "Transformers" ongoing series? Think it's about time to for a regular dose of Optimus Prime and Co? What do you think of the creative team IDW has in place to kick it off?

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