'Villains' Movie To Be 'Operatic And Epic' In Style Of David Fincher Or Michael Mann, Says Producer

VillainsLook at the Joker, Lex Luthor, Adrian Veidt: sometimes being a bad guy is just more fun. That’s certainly the belief of the main character in the Viper Comics miniseries “Villains,” who decides he wants to learn the dark art of villainy after discovering the old guy living next door is actually a retired baddie.

Universal is giving the series the big-screen adaptation treatment and producers are conceiving the film as a big-budget, super-dark adventure directed by someone with a sensibility similar to the men who’ve helmed “Fight Club” and “Collateral.”

“I think we want to go big with it,” producer Sean Bailey told MTV News. “My personal ambition is to have it be operatic and epic. If Michael Mann or David Fincher were ever to go make one of these movies, what would that look like? That’s my hope for it. To be in that kind of world.”

“If you look at any war movie or any crime movie, who the hero is, is solely a question of the point of view,” Bailey continued. “So we wanted to look at the rise of a villain—why and how it happened. It’s got a different slant than you’ve seen.”

The project was announced last fall and “Wonder Woman” screenwriters Matt Jennison and Brent Strickland recently handed in a first draft of “Villains.” The studio and producers handed back notes, and now the writers are at work on a second draft.

With the script not yet nailed down, Bailey hasn’t yet begun the search for a director, nor thought deeply about casting choices. So, we wanted to know, does that mean he hasn’t given Fincher or Mann a call, just to see if either was interested?

“We’re still in the script stage,” Bailey laughed.

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