Comic-Con: Don Cheadle Calls War Machine Appearance 'Significant' In 'Iron Man 2'

With yesterday's announcement that War Machine will make his debut in "Iron Man 2," the question now becomes: how much of a role will the character play in the much-anticipated sequel?

We cornered actor Don Cheadle during an "Iron Man 2" press event to get his take on the character and how much of him we'll see in the Marvel Studios blockbuster.

"War Machine makes a very impactful appearance in the movie," Cheadle told MTV News. "It's significant."

As for how his character has changed since the first film (not to mention the actor playing James "Rhodey" Rhodes), Cheadle said the ramifications of Tony Stark's big reveal that he was Iron Man in the first film will be central theme of the sequel.

"It's gotten deeper, because in the first film Tony wasn't saying he was Iron Man," he said. "But now that he's embraced it, there's all this attendant problems, pressure and questions that all of the characters around him have to deal with."