Comic-Con: David Goyer Weighs In On 'Batman 3' Schedule

While "The Dark Knight" actor Gary Oldman seems convinced filming will begin on the next Batman movie next year, writer David Goyer sounded a bit less sure of the schedule when he dropped by Splash Page HQ this Comic-Con weekend.

"Right now, Chris is involved in filming 'Inception,' and when he finishes that, he will turn his studious gaze back to the Bat universe and we'll see," Goyer told MTV News.

So, while Goyer isn't dropping any hints -- or might not have any to offer -- it looks like there's still a ways to go before we have any official word on the follow-up to the "The Dark Knight." That's okay, though, it just leaves us more time to guess which villain we'll see in the next Batman movie -- and who will play the role.

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