Comic-Con: 'Batman 3' To Begin Shooting Next Year, Says Gary Oldman

Gary OldmanCould Batman's next big-screen bow be right around the corner? According to actor Gary Oldman, filming for the project known as "Batman 3" will begin next year.

"I think the next Batman is next year," said Oldman during Friday's Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con in San Diego. "We start shooting next year. You didn't hear that from me."

While the news will no doubt get Bat-fans excited, there's still no official word on the much-anticipated sequel to "The Dark Knight." The likelihood of the film even happening has had doubt cast upon it by everyone from Christopher Nolan to Bruce Wayne himself, Christian Bale.

One thing that does seem certain, however, is that any production on "The Dark Knight" that involves Nolan will likely have to wait until after his upcoming project, "Inception."

Think this one's legit and we'll see "Batman 3" start filming next year? Sound off in the comment section!