Comic-Con: James Marsden Says 'There's Always Hope' For 'Superman Returns' Sequel

When James Marsden dropped by MTV News HQ to discuss his upcoming thriller "The Box" with Cameron Diaz, we had to ask the "Superman Returns" actor if he had any news on the sequel front. With DC/Warner Bros legally obligated to begin production on a new Superman movie in the near future, Marsden's phone could indeed be ringing... or has it already?


"I'm not keeping up with it, but ... there's always hope," Marsden told MTV News. "I'd love to be part of that again. ... Whether I'm a part of it or not, I'd love to see that legacy continue on the big screen however it manifests itself."

"To me, that was the ultimate superhero -- and to see that on the shelf is saddening," he added. "But you want to see it done the right way as well."

Would you like to see Marsden and his "Superman Returns" character return for a sequel?

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