Comic-Con: Megan Fox Proves Her Geek Cred At Comic-Con 2009

This year's Comic-Con in San Diego is positively filled with celebrities, but it's no secret that the ratio of celebrities who are genuine comic book fans to those who simply have a project to sell has changed dramatically as the event's grown.

Consider it a blessing, then, that we have someone like Megan Fox. Not only does she know her comics, but she's starring in films based on 'em in "Jonah Hex" and "Fathom," and, well... she's not too hard on the eyes. During a promotional event for her upcoming Diablo Cody ("Juno") horror film "Jennifer's Body," we asked Fox to prove her geek cred to the Comic-Con masses.

"Obviously, Michael Turner was one of my favorite artists, so I want to go to his booth and look at some of the stuff," Fox told MTV News. "I want to go look at some Witchblade comics. And J. Scott Campbell, I'm a fan of him. I want to see if they have some 'Gen-13' around."

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