Comic-Con: 'Dead Of Night' Star Brandon Routh Ponders A 'Superman' Sequel Without Him In It

As you already know, actor Brandon Routh dropped by Splash Page HQ earlier today to discuss the multiple comic book movies on his plate these days. Along with upcoming roles in "Dead of Night" and "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," Routh is probably best known for his starring role in another little film called "Superman Returns."

With a role as the Man of Steel behind him and DC/Warner Bros. compelled to make another Superman movie by 2011, Routh would certainly seem an apt choice to reprise his performance -- but what if the studio decides to look elsewhere? I asked Routh how he'd feel about seeing another actor don the ol' red-and-blue tights.

"That's a tough question to ask, but I trust that everything goes as planned and I'd love to return to the character," said Routh. "I love the character and loved working with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures and I'd be happy to come back."

Keep an eye on Splash Page throughout Comic-Con 2009 for more of our interview with actor Brandon Routh about "Superman Returns," "Dead of Night" and "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," as well as all of the other movers and shakers in town for the big show!

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