Ryan Reynolds Says 'There's No Rule' Against Playing Deadpool And Green Lantern

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds might not be the first actor to play both DC and Marvel Comics characters in theaters by the time he finishes work on "Green Lantern," but he might be the most tightly scheduled, depending on how the film's shooting calendar matches up with the "Deadpool" production schedule.

Starring in two competing films in 2011 doesn't seem to faze Reynolds, however, least of all because the properties come from opposites sides of comics' Big Two publishers.

"There's no rule that says you can't play two different characters in two different comic-book universes," Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly. Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld pointed out Reynolds' comment on his Twitter site.

DC and Marvel's practices of scooping up A-list comics creators for exclusive contracts has not yet infiltrated their film production strategies, so Reynolds is completely in the right for now. In fact, if all goes as planned, he could be the first actor we see appearing on talk shows to promote two comic book movies at once -- which would make for quite a publicity tour.

And the "Van Wilder" star may want more when it's all over with, according to the article. Comic book properties seem to be whetting his appetite.

"There are so many interesting comic book characters out there," Reynolds said. "I would love to do others."

What other comic book characters do you think Reynolds could play? Do you think he's stretching himself too thin for 2011? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!