'Lost' Writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach Bids Farewell To 'The Middleman' At Comic-Con

Back in June, we reported that ABC Family's canceled "The Middleman" television series (based on the Viper Comics series by "Lost" writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach) would say farewell to fans with a cast reading of the unfilmed 13th episode, "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse," along with the release of a comic book adaptation of the episode at San Diego Comic-Con. But fans who can't make the convention needn't feel left out -- all 12 of the original series episodes arrive on DVD July 28, complete with extras and of Easter Eggs only fans can catch.

Splash Page spoke with Grillo-Marxuach about his time with the series, its cancellation and what surprises viewers can expect to uncover in the DVD -- including a very familiar prop from a fan-favorite, sci-fi movie franchise.

"My favorite thing that nobody has picked up on, is in Episode 6," Grillo-Marxuach explained, "We were planning out what to put in a laboratory scene. I told the prop guy, 'If we could get something like a Mister Fusion [from the 'Back to the Future' films], that would be awesome,' and the prop guy says, 'Oh, I have one of those in my garage.'"

"It turns out that he had worked on the 'Back to the Future' trilogy and built the cars for it," said Grillo-Marxuach. "So he literally had a Mister Fusion in his garage. The next day I came to work and there was a Mister Fusion sitting on my desk. We stuck it in the lab and it's there in the background."

Aside from closing a chapter in his television career Grillo-Marxuach is also stepping away from "The Middleman" comic, at least temporarily, to focus on new projects. Fortunately, following the show's wrap up at Comic-Con, fans will have plenty left to remember the series.

"We had 12 episodes that were lovingly handcrafted," he said. "These days shows have a higher mortality rate than ever, so I consider us lucky that we were able to tell 12 episodes on TV and finish the story in a very satisfying way -- both with a table read at Comic-Con and with the graphic novel on the way."

The "Middleman" farewell panel takes place Thursday, July 23 at 11:15 a.m. at San Diego Comic-Con. "The Middleman" DVDs hit shelves July 28.

How about it "Middleman" fans? Do Grillo-Marxuach's insights inspire a rewatch of your favorite episodes? Excited for the comic? Sound off in the comments.