Horror Webcomic 'Wide Awake' Optioned, Co-Creator Brandon Jerwa Weighs In On Deal

Wide Awake Even though they put their main character through an unending nightmare, cinematic dreams could be coming true for the creators of "Wide Awake." Do-Over Productions has optioned the horror-themed series for a film adaptation, suggesting the oft-delayed webcomic could be picking up steam.

Created by Eric Trautmann ("JSA vs. Kobra") and Brandon Jerwa ("Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts") with art by Micro Pierfederici and art direction by David Messina, "Wide Awake" made its debut in 2008 with the short story "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" in Image Comics' "Popgun" Vol. 2 anthology.

It's since been followed by series preview "Blink of an Eye," which sees protagonist Amanda Carter take out her sleep-deprived existence (and coffee shortage) on a hovering, one-eyed mass of tentacles. The slaying of nightmare creatures is routine maintenance for the heroine, who is followed into her waking life by the monsters she battles in her sleep.

Despite the buzz, unfortunately for fans the series' publishing schedule has been a victim of the creator's success. Originally slated for weekly installments last spring, delays prompted by each contributor's other projects have resulted in a backup that the team is working to surmount.

"We're currently moving ahead with production and will debut the weekly series once we have a backlog of material that allows us to stay well ahead of the readers," Jerwa told MTV News.

Though Trautmann and Jerwa were offered a crack at a script, the film will be written and produced by Jarrod Feliciano and Mirjana Novkovic, the team behind Do-Over's 2010 crime drama "Fallen Moon."

"We were given the option of writing the screenplay ourselves, and we passed because we wanted to focus on steering the story in its original format," said Jerwa. "The Do-Over crew seem very keen on consistency between the [comic and film], so that's a real relief for us."

Does the "Wide Awake" debut seem like the movie of your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments.