Best Bets: 'Dethklok Vs. The Goon' Is Coming! Hide The Children!

Dethklok vs. The GoonIt's a big week for comic books with ties to the movie and television world, and that means you better bring a few extra dollars to the shop this time around. Here's what you need to pick up this week to make your life complete:

"DETHKLOK VS. THE GOON" (Dark Horse) -- The crossover that is very likely to rock your face off and tattoo an inky black mark upon your soul is here, folks. Here's hoping your affairs are in your order, because when Nathan Explosion, William Murderface and the rest of Adult Swim's "Metalocalypse" cast face off against The Goon, there's no way a single comic book can contain the collateral damage.

We brought you the exclusive announcement of this one-shot story back in March, along with a video promo for the project created by "Metalocalypse" creator Brendan Small. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to do so.

The Warriors: Jailbreak"THE WARRIORS: JAILBREAK" #1 (Dabel Brothers) -- Ever wondered what happened after the credits rolled on Swan, Rembrandt and the rest of their Coney Island gang? Following up on the impressive and well-received adaptation of "The Warriors," Dabel Brothers are finally kicking off their new series that picks up where the movie ended -- and it promises to be everything a "Warriors" fan could want out of a comic.

We gave you a peek inside "Jailbreak" last month, and now the first issue is finally hitting shelves this week. See what happens when the remaining Warriors set off to break Ajax out of jail!

Spock: Reflections"SPOCK: REFLECTIONS" #1 -- J.J. Abrams established a new status quo for the "Star Trek" universe in his successful reboot of the franchise earlier this year, and fans looking to get their fix of the "new" Trek need look no farther than IDW Publishing's "Star Trek" comics. Their "Star Trek: Countdown" prequel comic met with high praise from Trek and comics fans alike last year, and their new, Spock-focused miniseries that begins this week looks to continue that impressive connection with fans of both the franchise and the medium. "Reflections," which we previewed here in May, promises to examine the events leading up to Spock's appearance in the film, as well as his childhood on the planet Vulcan.

Honorable Mention: "Doctor Who: Room With A Deja View" -- I talked with comics gossip columnist and editor Rich Johnston back in April about his one-shot "Doctor Who" comic, and as MTV's resident "Doctor Who" geek, I'm giving this one my stamp of approval. The story involves a murder perpetrated by "a member of a species that lives in the opposite direction to the timeline" -- and the writer promises to offer readers a tale reminiscent of the much-celebrated, time-juggling (and terrifying) episode "Blink." And that should be more than enough to pique "Who" fans' interests.

What are you planning to pick up this week? Any of these titles on your list? Sound off in the comments ection or on Twitter!