Scarlett Johansson In 'Iron Man 2' & Deadpool/Green Lantern Dilemmas: It's The Back-Issue Bin!

Scarlett JohanssonA couple of big news items from Marvel and DC earned top honors among this week's most popular stories, but there were a few stories popping up about other publishers' projects that generated some buzz, too. Here's how the week looked:

- How will Ryan Reynolds jumping into the "Green Lantern" lead affect "Deadpool"? We examined what it could mean, and you made the story our top story of the week!

- The first images of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in "Iron Man 2" set the 'Net on fire!

- A real-life brawl that put Superman and Batman impersonators up against the New York Police Department occurred right outside Splash Page HQ! (We're pretty sure it was a publicity stunt for "Public Enemies," though.)

- Ryan reynolds isn't the first actor to double-dip in the Marvel/DC movie world. Here's a list of five actors performing the Hollywood crossover.

- We gave you the exclusive announcement of this Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover, brought to you by the one and only Joe Kelly!

- "Twilight" gets a manga-style graphic novel? Come on... you knew it was going to happen eventually.

- We asked you about your favorite "Batman 3" rumor, and you voted "Johnny Depp as the Riddler" by a big margin. Here's hoping Warner Bros. is listening!

- Natalie Portman joined the cast of "Thor" -- and the Odinson was pleased.

- And finally, Coheed & Cambria frontman claudio Sanchez gave us the scoop on his new comic book, "Kill Audio" that's debuting at Comic-Con next week!

That's it for now, everyone! See you next week!

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