Fredrik Bond To Direct 'Hack/Slash' Movie, Preparing For Winter 2009 Start

Hack/SlashRuthless killers and demonic murderers, you are officially on notice: there's a raven-haired serial killer-killing serial killer about to hack and slash her way onto the big screen... and she has a new director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, commercial director Fredrik Bond will direct "Hack/Slash," based on the horror comic book from Devil's Due Publishing. The movie is in the works with Rogue Pictures, the Relativity Media subsidiary responsible for geek-friendly films "Shaun of the Dead" and "Doomsday."

"Hack/Slash" stars Cassie Hack, a young woman that has become a killer of killers. Hack travels from town to town across the country hunting serial killers molded after "Halloween's" Michael Myers, "A Nightmare on Elm Street's" Freddy Krueger and other horror icon-inspired murderers.

The movie currently boasts a screenplay by Justin Marks, the writer responsible for "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li." He's also written drafts of the hotly-anticipated "Super Max," "Grayskull" and "Voltron" movies.

It's taken some time for Cassie Hack to slash her way onto the big screen. The film was first announced years ago with director Todd Lincoln attached to helm the feature. Lincoln -- currently attached to direct another DDP title, "The Nye Incidents" -- has apparently been dropped from the movie in favor of Bond.

After years of waiting, the film finally looks to be shaping up for a winter 2009 start date. There's no word on casting yet, though a 2007 report from ShockTillYouDrop pegged actress Megan Fox for the role of Cassie. Once upon a time, I'd have said her involvement in both "Fathom" and "Jonah Hex" precluded her from having a third comic book franchise to her name... but a certain green somebody just proved that theory wrong.

Are you excited for "Hack/Slash"? If Megan Fox can't do it, who should play Cassie Hack?