EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage Wants To 'Do A Reconceive' For 'Ghost Rider 2’

Last we heard from the "Ghost Rider 2" camp, Sony and the star of the 2007 film, Nicolas Cage, were still looking for a writer and director to helm the sequel. A well-known comic book fan, Cage hasn't been shy about sharing his thoughts on where the studio should go for the sequel and his plans to reprise his role as Johnny blaze, the human side of the Spirit of Vengeance.

While discussing his role in the upcoming CGI/live-action family film "G-Force" (Cage will voice one of the movie's guineau pig heroes), the actor told MTV News that he's looking less toward "sequel" and more toward "reboot" for the next "Ghost Rider" film.

"I would like to do a reconceive," Cage told MTV News. "I would like to go in a whole other direction, and I think that's what they're talking about."

According to Cage, he's still leaning toward a "Ghost Rider" movie that brings the skull-faced Marvel Comics hero to Europe for a team-up with Catholic Church. Oh, and there will be significantly fewer galloping horses and six-shooters in the follow-up film.

"I would make it much less of a Western and more of an international story," said Cage of the direction he'd take the character for the next film.

What do you think of Cage's comments about the next "Ghost Rider" movie? Think they should do a straight sequel? A reconceive? Sound off!

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