'Jonah Hex' Villain John Malkovich Explains His Connection To The Title Hero

John MalkovichWhen Josh Brolin first looked at the script for "Jonah Hex," it left a bad taste in his mouth. As he began rethinking the film's concept, however, he specifically mentioned John Malkovich as an actor he would like to see join the cast.

Now, with with film in production and an August 2010 release date set, Malkovich has answered Brolin's call, and describes his role as very similar to it's comic book inspiration.

"I play a plantation-owner called Quentin Turnbull, who holds Jonah Hex responsible for the death of his son in the Civil War – it's set right after the American Civil War," Malkovich told Empire. "1872, I think it's set in. It's Josh, Megan [Fox] and Michael Fassbender, who's terrific."

In the comic, Turnbull, known as "the man with the eagle-topped cane," had the same origin, later being revealed as the father of Hex's friend Jeb. Malkovich's description should send hope to Hex readers who may have been worried about the character's adaptation to screen.

Malkovich sounded optimistic about the movie and credited Brolin for convincing him to come aboard, citing the movie's hero and director as the two reasons he signed on to "Jonah Hex."

"I love Josh Brolin – he's a friend of mine," Malkovich said, "and he said, 'Would you be interested?' And I like the guy, Jimmy Hayward, who's directing him, so I said, 'Sure.'"

Are you glad to hear that Quentin Turnbull's origin story will be similar to his comic book background? Do you think John Malkovich was a good choice for the part? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!