Five Villains We'd Like To See In 'Spider-Man 4’ (But Maybe Not All At Once)

ElectroWith the recent announcement that the "Spider-Man 4" script is headed back for a rewrite, it looks like we'll have even longer to wait for news on which villains Peter Parker will be battling in the new film. Rumors regarding the potential baddies have everyone's spider-sense tingling lately, with much of the buzz focusing on a potential debut for the vampire Morbius or Dr. Curt Connors' reptilian alter ego, The Lizard. Heck, we've heard suggestions regarding everyone from "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson (as Morbius) to "Fantastic Four" actress Jessica Alba (as Black Cat).

So, here are some of the Spider-Man villains we'd most like to see in the film, culled from the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler's impressive rogues gallery.

ELECTRO: With control over electricity, Electro can hurl lightning, manipulate magnetic force, fly on electrostatic bridges, and short-circuit the bioelectric energy of an enemy’s brain. You can’t even touch him without getting burned, so this would make it quite a fight for Spider-Man.

MysterioMYSTERIO: Using hypnotic gasses, hallucinogenic drugs, special effects and holographic projectors, Mysterio constantly drove his enemies crazy while he committed crimes.

It’s tough to fight a bad guy who’s also the master of illusion. That, and the fact that blockbusters love to have insane special effects, would make Mysterio a sure-fire visual hit.

MorbiusMORBIUS, THE LIVING VAMPIRE: Mutated into a vampire-like creature, Dr. Michael Morbius is forced to feed on others for survival. He’s often fought Spider-Man, who is torn between his disgust at the scientist’s actions and his wish to cure the man of his mutation.

We’ve seen Spidey fight guys who emulate goblins, but wouldn’t it be cool to see him fight a true monster who didn’t need a costume or weapons to be scary?

MorlunMORLUN: There are those who believe Spider-Man’s abilities aren’t a freak accident but were given to him by nature itself, making him a modern-day animal totem. Enter Morlun, a man who leeches off the life energies of others, giving him impossible strength and near-immortality.

Believing that Spider-Man was a totem connected to nature itself, Morlun became obsessed with drain the hero’s “pure” life energy, willing to crush anyone and anything in his way.

Sinister SixTHE SINISTER SIX: We’ve seen superheroes fight groups of henchmen. But wouldn’t it be great to see a movie where a single superhero had to fight not one, not two, but an entire team of full-fledged villains working together to destroy him? Spidey has to push himself to beat bad guys like Electro, Mysterio and Sandman, but what if he had to fight them plus guys like the Lizard, the Hobgoblin and Dr. Octopus?

Yeah, maybe Doc died in "Spider-Man 2," but this is comics, so we can bring him back! A movie with the whole Sinister Six would show just how formidable the web-slinger can be when he’s forced to step up against impossible odds.

Who would you like to see square off against Spider-Man in the next film? Share your picks in the comment section!