'Spider-Man 4’ Script To Be Rewritten By 'Seabiscuit' Scribe Gary Ross

Spider-ManRemember that time when Sam Raimi said that we won't know who the "Spider-Man 4" villains are until the script is finished? Yeah, well, it looks like that time might be a little farther away than we'd hoped.

According to Variety, Gary Ross has been hired to pen a new draft of "Spider-Man 4," the next installment in the franchise. The deal reunites Ross with series lead Tobey Maguire, who he directed previously in "Seabiscuit."

The most troubling part of this news for fans is likely to be that any official announcement of the new "Spider-Man" villains is probably further away than we'd hoped -- even if that means we can continue theorizing on Peter Parker's next nemesis' identity.

But there's another angle that might be worth considering, too. The report states that "While Maguire has toplined both of the films Ross has directed ('Pleasantville' is the other), the 'Spider-Man 4' deal comes more from Ross's growing relationship with Sony."

Apparently, Ross has his eye on a directorial vehicle regarding famed bicyclist Lance Armstrong. In taking on the highly-anticipated superhero script, the chances of Ross's Armstrong biopic are more likely to come to fruition.

So, while this might be a harmless detail, you have to wonder whether Ross's heart is into the "Spider-Man" franchise. This fourth installment is particularly important in getting back into the good graces of fans who rejected "Spider-Man 3" due to the Venom-filled film's over-saturation of villains and (*sigh*) dancing.

Then again, both "Pleasantville" and "Seabiscuit" are excellent movies, and Ross clearly has the street cred with Maguire -- having worked with him closely on two projects, he's certain to have some familiarity with the actor's voice.

As with all things, we'll just have to patiently wait to see how this web spins out.

What'cha think, True Believers? Excited for the new writer, or bad times ahead for the on-screen Spider-Man?