Cameron Diaz In Talks To Join 'The Green Hornet' Cast?

Cameron DiazSeth Rogen's planned adaptation of "The Green Hornet" might be getting a little help from Heaven above -- or, if nothing else, the film could be touched by an "Angel."

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Cameron Diaz, she of the "Charlie's Angels" franchise, could be playing the female lead opposite Rogen in the Michel Gondry-directed "The Green Hornet." While a deal has yet to be signed, EW indicates that the actress is in early talks for the role.

In joining "The Green Hornet," Diaz's acting career would essentially be coming full circle. She made her on-screen debut opposite Jim Carrey in "The Mask," the 1994 comedy based on the Dark Horse comic book. If that film's a little too far back in the memory bank for you (and shame on you if that's the case!), "The Mask" centered on an everyman (Carrey) who slipped on a mystical mask, thereby transforming into a green-faced, slapstick-heavy, superpowered numbskull.

Here, Diaz would be playing opposite Rogen, a well-established comedian that is breaking convention by playing a comic book hero that just so happens to boast the word "Green" in his moniker. Diaz starring alongside two comedians playing green-related superheroes? Just a coincidence?

Yeah, probably so.

If the casting news pans out, Diaz would star alongside the aforementioned Rogen, who plays Britt Reid, the masked vigilante known as the Green Hornet. Casting details are light on the film thus far, with Stephen Chow currently attached to play the Hornet's martial artist sidekick Kato -- but after Chow's directing deal fell through, it's a tad up in the air whether the actor will continue with the project.

What do you think of the possibility of Diaz joining "The Green Hornet"? Good idea or bad idea? You be the judge... in the comments section, at least!