Stephen Norrington's 'The Crow' Remake Is... Not A Remake?

The CrowThe announcement that "Blade" director Stephen Norrington was planning to helm a remake of 1994's "The Crow" met with a cold response from both fans and the director of the 1994 film. But how will those same detractors feel when they hear that the remake isn't a remake at all?

An undisclosed source tells Comics2Film that Norrington's upcoming installment in the "Crow" franchise will not be a remake, but an entirely new concept altogether. In other words, the iconic role of Eric Draven will not be revisited in the new movie.

"[It's] very different from the original," the source claims. "A whole new story about a whole new character."

If true, then newcomers to the "Crow" property need not view the original film, which showcased the final performance of actor Brandon Lee, who died tragically in an on-set accident.

In the Alex Proyas-directed movie, Lee played Eric Draven, a rock musician that is murdered alongside his fiancee, Shelly. One year later, Draven returns from the grave to enact vengeance upon his killers, thereby allowing his and Shelly's soul the eternal peace they deserve.

The film itself took significant departures from the comic book, penned and illustrated by James O'Barr. There was initially some speculation that Norrington's new vision would be more rooted in the graphic novel, though that might not be the case if this new information proves true.

Still, Norrington might have better luck if he stuck with the source material for "The Crow." The film produced subsequent sequels, and while all were of varying quality, the general consensus is that none of them lived up to the promise of the first film. Whether that's due to Lee's highly praised performance, the fresh nature of the original movie's story or something else entirely is unclear. Whatever the case may be, it'll be interesting to see how well this new "Crow" can fly.

Do you think "The Crow" deserves a remake or a brand new installment? Would you rather let the franchise rest in peace?