'Kick-Ass' Movie To Feature Animation & Significant Differences From Comic, Says Co-Creator

Kick-AssFor a film without a release date and a comic without a strict publishing schedule, Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" continues to intrigue fans of over-the-top crime fighting. Now, as both projects proceed toward their respective conclusions, Romita has started to open up regarding how the source material and the adaptation will likely diverge.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Romita offered an update on his current comic book progress stating that he was almost done with issue #7 and into issue #8 -- the series' final issue. That being the case, Romita said he's well aware that what he draws might not match up perfectly with director Matthew Vaughn's ending for the film.

"Things have to be independent because, as [Millar] made the great point, we don't want to look like we're ‘demagoging’ the film and trying to capitalize on it. We didn't want to do that," said Romita.

Romita's artwork won't be limited to the "Kick-Ass" comic, though, with his style being animated for flashback sequences in the film. That particular process involved Romita visiting the set of the film this past winter as well as getting to read the screenplay. His response seemed enthusiastic, differences and all.

"Matthew Vaughn is a fan of the comic, and that's where the flashback animation sequence comes from. He wanted an homage to the comic. He was a fan of my pacing and storytelling and used as much as he could along those lines," Romita said, "As long as you get along with people professionally and don't get too abrasive, generally you're going to find the happy medium."

Despite its current ambiguous schedule, there seems to be a clear vision the end of "Kick-Ass" in one medium or another. With the announcement-filled San Diego Comic-Con International just a few weeks away, there's a good chance fans will have a better idea of how and when "Kick-Ass" will conclude in comics and premier in theaters.

As "Kick-Ass" approaches its comics conclusion, which plot points and details do you think will be modified for its cinematic counterpart? Discuss the potential divergences in the comments.