'Transformers' Star Tyrese Gibson Eager to Unleash 'Mayhem' Comic -- But Will It Be A Movie?

Tyrese GibsonTyrese Gibson is a busy dude these days, between his record-breaking blockbuster “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” maintaining his multi-platinum selling music career, and dropping his face into a new field these days: comic books. When we caught up with the stocky star recently, he was eager to talk about teaming up with comics legend Todd McFarlane and the Image Comics team to publish “Mayhem!” next month.

“He’s a gun-slinging vigilante who seeks refuge from the basement of a church,” Tyrese said of the comics’ main character, who resembles the actor/singer/model in more ways than one. “He’s like a modern-day Robin Hood, who wants to take from the bad and give it back to the good and do whatever he can do to make life better in L.A.”

And although the ladies love Tyrese, Mayhem wears a mask that covers up some of his god-given attributes. “I’m ashamed of my face,” he said of the character, which Tyrese will be bringing to Comic-Con later this month. “Because I’ve got some scars and some bad things that was done to me as a child that I cover up with my mask.”

Everybody knows that comic movies are huge right now, with “Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” among the many who’ve ridden high at the box-office. So, can it be assumed that the “Transformers” star will soon be bringing “Mayhem!” to the big screen?

Not so fast, said Tyrese.

“No,” he said in refreshingly uncertain terms. “Right now, my one-and-only focus is making this the best comic book it can be.”

“[The fans] get kind of ‘I don’t know’ about comic books when your main intention is to turn it into a video game, merchandising, and all of this,” Tyrese explained frankly. “So, there are no plans to turn it into a film or any other intellectual property. We are just going to focus on making this into the best comic book.”

“Mayhem!” hits shelves August 5th and can be pre-ordered at www.buymayhem.com.

Do you agree with Tyrese? Are you more likely to buy an actor-related comic if you know he/she isn’t hoping to turn it into a movie?

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