Which 'Batman 3’ Rumor Do You Wish Was True?

Christian Bale & BatmanEver since the first moment "The Dark Knight" showed signs of being one of last year's hit films, rumors have surrounded the next potential project in the reinvented Batman franchise. From casting and characters to the return of the director responsible for the first two films, Christopher Nolan, there's been no shortage of predictions regarding the project informally known as "Batman 3" -- even without official notice that there will be another film.

While some of the rumors been flat-out crazy, others seem to have at least some small amount of support. And some rumors, well... let's just say there are a few out there that Batman fans certainly wish were true, no matter how unlikely they seem.

Those are the rumors we're interested in for this week's poll, folks.

Voting in this poll will end Monday, July 13, at 12 PM EST. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did, as I'll be selecting responses from readers to feature in a post about the results.