EXCLUSIVE: 'Proof' Co-Creator Confirms Animated Series, Addresses Samuel L. Jackson Rumor

ProofLast week news broke that Image Comics' "Proof" had been optioned by Kickstart Entertainment with intent to make it an animated series. "Futurama" writer Evan Gore was named as the potential writer for a pilot and comic book film veteran Samuel L. Jackson was rumored to star. However, since the report came from an anonymous source, there was a distinct lack of, well... proof.

Fortunately, "Proof" writer, letterer and co-creator Alex Grecian was willing to not only confirm the news, but also to share some insights into an animated world showcasing supernatural species and sasquatch action.

Grecian said he was flattered when Kickstart Entertainment, known for bringing Mark Millar's "Wanted" to the big screen, reached out to him after taking a look at he and co-creator Riley Rossmo’s handiwork. Things progressed quickly, with Gore consulting Grecian on the show's blueprint.

"I've read his treatment for the series and talked to [Gore] many times, both by phone and in person, and he's extremely enthusiastic about 'Proof,' Grecian said.

Whether Samuel L. Jackson will be voicing sasquatch "Proof" protagonist John Prufrock is still being ironed out by Kickstart, but Grecian thinks the actor is perfect for the role.

"I haven't spoken personally to Sam Jackson, but I'm told that 'Proof' is one of his favorite comic book series ever and he's excited to be involved," Grecian said.

As far as the show's proposed style of animation, which some speculated would emulate Rossmo's jagged style, Grecian said to expect some simplification.

"I haven't seen any art for the series yet, but I think it would be really hard to animate [Rossmo's] style. [Rossmo's] character designs are perfect and I'm hoping they stick pretty close to those, but I'd look for the actual style of the show to be streamlined a bit."

Even though the series has only just been optioned, Grecian could be penning episodes if things work out. For now, though, he's just excited to see how things unfold.

"[Rossmo] and I have put our trust in Kickstart to get everything off the ground the right way and they're doing a fantastic job of that," Grecian said.

Do "Proof's" confirmed details have you more excited for a possible animated series, or is seeing believing? What do you think about Samuel L. Jackson as a sasquatch? Speak your mind in the comments.