'Watchmen' Star Jackie Earle Haley Has 'Nerdgasm' Talking 'Human Target,' 'Star Trek' & Comic-Con

Jackie Earle Haley"Watchmen" star Jackie Earle Haley might be busy bringing yet another dark, iconic character to the big screen in the new "Nightmare on Elm Street" reboot, but he still had time to talk comics with us when we caught up with the actor.

While Haley acknowledged that his role in the upcoming "Human Target" television series (based on the DC Comics series of the same name) is a new character, he said his presence in two properties making the jump from print to screen is only "somewhat of a coincidence."

"In working on 'Watchmen,' I feel like I'm starting to understand that Comic-Con world," Haley told MTV News. "The way people get into movies and television shows -- it's just awesome. I recently saw 'Star Trek,' and I had a nerdgasm watching it. It was just so cool."

Haley admitted that he wasn't aware of the "Human Target" comics before taking the gig, but definitely has the adventures of the series main character, Christopher Chance, on his radar now.

We also had to ask Haley about the dueling release dates for his upcoming turn as Freddy Krueger and that of the next project for his "Watchmen" co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan -- a big-screen adaptation of the DC/Vertigo series "The Losers." Both films are currently scheduled to hit theaters April 16, 2010.

"I didn't know that!" exclaimed Haley when told about the concurrent premieres for "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Losers."

So, now that he does know, will there be any friendly competition between the former Rorschach and Comedian actors?

"None whatsoever," said Haley. "I'm looking forward to seeing both, so I think that weekend I'll end up seeing both films."

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