Tony Stark Adds A Race Car To His 'Iron Man 2’ Arsenal

Iron Man carWe're still a bit foggy on the story details for "Iron Man 2," but it's already been revealed that Historic Monaco Grand Prix will factor into the film's proceedings. Today, we're getting a better idea of how Tony Stark himself will enter the scene.

Road & Track Magazine has an exclusive photograph revealing a race car from the Jon Favreau-directed film's Grand Prix scene. The car is studded with Stark Industries logos, insinuating that Tony's company is endorsing the vehicle -- but the magazine suggests that the billionaire-turned-superhero's involvement goes beyond sponsorship.

According to the article, the vehicle is a "Stark Industries-sponsored vintage race car that the movie's main protagonist — genius inventor and swashbuckling lady's man Tony Stark — will be driving in a scene that depicts him racing in the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, a vintage race held in Monte Carlo."

If the article is to be believed, then, Stark himself will get behind the wheel during the race. The question I'd like to ask is, who needs a race car when you've got three -- actually, make that four awesome Iron Man suits? For a world-famous, unimaginably wealthy thrill-seeker like Tony, I guess you just can't beat the classics sometimes.

Still, here's hoping that Robert Downey Jr.'s on-screen persona packed an extra superhero suit just in case -- based on the first official look at Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, it would seem that Stark's Russian nemesis is headed to Monte Carlo with intent to destroy. Something tells me that those high-powered whips would do a number on Tony's wheels, car speed be damned.

Thoughts on Stark's new ride? Should he stick to the Iron armor? What are the odds that there's more than meets the eye with this vehicle?