[UPDATED] Brian K. Vaughan Leaves 'Lost' Writing Staff

Lost[EDITOR'S NOTE: An ABC spokesperson has confirmed that Brian K. Vaughan has left the "Lost" television series. -RM]

"Lost" appears to be losing one of its many comic book ties as its writing staff gears up for the ABC series' final season. Brian K. Vaughan, who joined "Lost" as the hot writing commodity responsible for "Y: Last the Last Man" and "Ex Machina" and expanded his writing résumé into network television over the show's last several seasons, reportedly will not be contributing at the writers' table for Season 6.

"Unfortunately he has left for greener pastures," the series' executive producer Damon Lindelof told fans during a Q&A Session at Curzon Cinema.

Vaughan's presence on the writing staff was felt throughout recent seasons, not only as a result of his often hyper-pop-culturally-aware dialog and knack for cliffhanger plot twists, but also from such subtle visual cues as Hugo's reading habits. The fact that Hugo, played by actor Jorge Garcia, was the one reading "Y: The Last Man" at the airport was probably no accident.

"When [Vaughan] first came on the show Jorge Garcia was ecstatic because he’s a huge fan of his work," Lindelof told the podcast.

Exactly what the "greener pastures" for Vaughan are that Lindelof mentioned remains to be seen. Many of the top comic book writer's fans would undoubtedly like to see D.J. Caruso's "Y: The Last Man" film move forward, with or without rumored lead actor Shia LaBeouf.

Better yet, if Vaughan has a new original series or graphic novel in need of some extra time, the move could mean some new, high-quality comics are their way soon. Let the speculation begin!

How do you think Brian K. Vaughan's departure will affect the last season of "Lost"? What would you like to see him do now that he has left the show? More TV, more comics, or a little of both? Sound off in the comment section below!