Brandon Routh Says His 'Superman' Contract Has Expired

Brandon RouthSure, when Superman eventually returns to theaters, you'll "believe a man can fly" yet again -- but that man might not be actor Brandon Routh.

While the former Man of Steel would certainly love a chance to don the blue-and-red uniform, Routh said the choice is no longer in his hands -- it's in the studio's.

"The term of the contract expired," Routh told Spanish-language entertainment site Omelete (an English translation is available via Google). "But if they call me again, [I'd go] back to the character without thinking twice!"

The expiration of Routh's contract might not be great news for the "Superman Returns" star, as Warner Bros. is rumored to be planning a makeover for the DC Comics icon with a darker tone in mind. Typically, reboots are intended to wipe the slate clean for a property, which includes distancing itself from previous actors in the franchise.

"I do not know of anything," Routh said of the film's progress. "I'm sure that Warner Bros. is moving there, but everything is still uncertain. Really, I do not know anything."

Whether the WB decides to press on without Routh, the actor still has his hands in comic book cinema. He's currently set to star in "Dead of Night," an adaptation of the "Dylan Dog" comic book series. He'll also appear in "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" as Todd Ingram, Ramona Flowers' third evil ex-boyfriend with vegan psychic powers.

Do you think Brandon Routh should be given another chance with "Superman," or are you hoping that Warner Bros. will find a new Man of Steel?