Grant Morrison On 'All Star Superman,' 'Seaguy' And Why He Doesn't Understand Writer's Block

Last week, we presented several clips from an interview with best-selling comics author Grant Morrison, conducted by Eisner-nominated writer, musician and producer Percy Carey (a.k.a. MF Grimm). Among other topics, Morrison discussed his work on "Batman & Robin", and now in this new clip, he discusses the difference between his work on iconic characters in series like "All-Star Superman" and his personal projects like "Seaguy."

"To me, doing 'All Star Superman' is as important as doing something like 'Seaguy,' which is more personal for me, but ... They're obviously very different comics, but I try to approach them with the same feel," said Morrison.

"For me, writing comics is just about life," he added. "I don't understand writers who get blocked. For me, the stuff happens every day, the stuff happens in the newspapers, the stuff happens in your life, the stuff happens in your family and your relationships and you can always write about that."

"All you have to do is turn the dial, and turn it into a metaphor and a symbol, and you've got superhero stories," said Morrison.

Keep it locked to Splash Page this week as we present more of Carey's interview with Morrison, including discussion of some of his upcoming movie projects and some thoughts on the lasting impact of DC's "Final Crisis" event.

Thanks go out to Percy Carey and the great folks at Meltdown Comics, as well as the video team of Milo Popp and Vito Lapiccola of Comics on Comics, the WebTV series where the greatest comic minds meet the greatest minds in comics. Check it out!

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