William Shatner Describes His Return To 'Tek War' For New Comic Book Series

William Shatner"Tek War Chronicles" #1, the debut issue of the new comic book series based on William Shatner's best-selling science-fiction novels is on stands now, but that doesn't mean the iconic actor and novelist has let up for a moment in voicing his affection for the latest iteration of the "TekWar" -- a franchise that has included, among other things, prior "TekWar" comic books, a television series, a feature-length movie, and even a video game.

According to Shatner, he's taking a hands-on approach with Bluewater Productions' new "Tek War" comic, and learning quite a bit about the ins and outs of the medium along the way.

"I'm right there from the very beginning, from the concept of how the story will be told to okaying the drawings and the color," Shatner told MTV News. "I'm getting a good education on the exigencies of drawing a comic book -- but at the same time, storytelling is storytelling."

Of the story itself, Shatner described "Tek War" as "a pretty basic story of detective trying to get his good name back and solve a crime at the same time," but he was quick to heap praise upon Bluewater's creative team.

"They've drawn it and colored it in a way that's enriched the story," he explained. "And I think it brings a whole new slant to it."

"Tek War Chronicles" is scheduled for an initial run of 22 issues, but Shatner said the wealth of novels, television episodes and other tales from the "Tek War" universe certainly allow for the run to be extended, given demand for more stories. He's not ruling out another trip to the small screen for the franchise, either.

"I've received an inquiry from England about the television rights to 'Tek War,'" said Shatner. "It's a good story, and a good basis for more stories."

"It's an entertaining medium, comic books -- and the other media can pick up on it," he added.

In fact, Shatner's so enamored with the medium that he has three more comics on the way from Bluewater. Along with "Tek War Chronicles," the "William Shatner Presents" line will also include the upcoming series "Chimera," "Man O' War" and "Quest for Tomorrow."

"I've always been fascinated with the medium," he said. "It was my early reading, and the process of drawing a storyboard and trying to contain as much information as possible in each frame... The problems involved and the solutions are intriguing."

"Tek War Chronicles" #1 is on shelves now, featuring a story by William Shatner, script by Scott Davis and interior art by Erich Owen. Here's a peek inside "Tek War Chronicles" #1.