EXCLUSIVE: 'Captain America: Reborn' Writer Ed Brubaker Likely To Consult On 'Captain America' Movie

Captain AmericaHollywood is home to a lot of creative people, but when it comes to bringing Marvel Comics' superheroes to the big screen, last summer's "Iron Man" proved that employing a consulting brain trust from the publisher's internal talent is a key ingredient to nailing the details. With "The First Avenger: Captain America" ramping up for its 2011 release date, current "Captain America" scribe Ed Brubaker believes Marvel Studios is likely repeat that formula by tapping him for input on the project.

"I've seen the preliminary stuff for the movie, a year or so ago before [Marvel Studios] hired the new screenwriter and director," Brubaker told MTV News. "I know Kevin Feige was talking about bringing me in when they put together the 'Captain America' brain trust for the movie -- like they did for 'Iron Man' with Matt Fraction and [Brian] Bendis."

Brubaker, the mind behind Steve Rogers' return from the dead in today's "Captain America: Reborn" #1, said his involvement with the project started early in the filmmaking process and that it's likely he'll be called upon again, citing an open dialogue with Marvel Studios.

"I think the talk has been that I'll be part of that brain trust along with Bendis and a few other people," said the writer.

While nothing is official yet, given Brubaker's nearly five-year tenure on Captain America, the writer seems like an ideal candidate to help craft the sentinel of liberty's latest cinematic outing. Having written the death, replacement and now return of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, helping to hammer out a movie version of Marvel's super soldier shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Does Brubaker's experience on "Captain America" make him the right mind for "The First Avenger" brain trust? What do you think of his work on "Captain America: Reborn?" Assemble your thoughts in the comments.