The Swag Report: 'Goats: Infinite Typewriters' Hits Shelves, And There Was Much Rejoicing!

While there wasn't a lot to highlight in this week's Swag Report, every one of the books in this week's post is something I'm extremely excited about checking out -- but for very different reasons.

Swag Report

Read on for some thoughts about each book.

From left to right:

"Body Bags: Father's Day" (Image) -- "Body Bags" is an odd couple story of sorts, involving a father and his estranged daughter reuniting and learning to live (and work) together in close quarters. But that's where the sitcom ends, folks.

I read the first issue of Jason Pearson's "Body Bags" a few years ago, and remember thinking that all of the hype about it being one of the most controversial comics of the '90s was a bit overblown. Sure, the first issue features a pregnant woman snorting cocaine and subsequently getting knifed in the stomach by one of series' main characters, and yes, the story does feature a 14-year-old girl with the body of silicone-crazed porn star, but it always felt like these elements were simply done for shock value -- making the controversy more of a marketing angle than anything else.

Now that the series about a father-daughter team of assassins-for-hire is being re-released this month, I finally have a chance to decide whether my initial assessment of the series holds true for the entire first volume.

"Body Bags: Father's Day" hits shelves this month.

"Goats: Infinite Typewriters" (Del Rey) -- I received this one earlier in the week and I've already read through its 170-page story for the second time. A collection of one chapter in Jon Rosenberg's long-running webcomic "Goats," "Infinite Typewriters" is pretty much a shoo-in for one of my favorite books of the year -- and not just because he mentions me in the "special thanks" section. "Goats" is a surreal, beer-soaked, dimension-spanning adventure through some of the most unique worlds (and dimensions) I've ever encountered.

The central narrative of the story -- about a group of barflies who set out to meet God and right a cosmic wrong or two along the way -- manages to feature both an impressively large cast of characters, as well as cameos by everyone from George Lucas and Woody Allen to Robert Goulet and Ron Howard. I really can't recommend this one enough, and I'll probably end up buying myself an extra copy just to loan out.

"Goats: Infinite Typewriters" hit shelves this week.

"The Mice Templar: The Prophecy" (Image) -- I lost track of "The Mice Templar" back when it was firstpublished in 2007, but I remember really enjoying the first few issues of this series by Bryan J. L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming. I'm a sucker for anthropomorphic animal characters, a good fantasy saga and the artwork of Oeming, so I'm fairly certain this one is going to push all the right buttons. I also enjoyed the heck out of Glass and Oeming's previous collaboration on "Quixote," so it has that going for it, too.

"The Mice Templar: The Prophecy" is on shelves now.

Have you read any of these books? Plan to do so? Share your thoughts on this week's Swag Report in the comment section! I'll be checking in!