Remember When Michael Jackson Met Stan Lee?

Michael Jackson and Stan LeeYesterday evening I offered a brief overview of Michael Jackson's relationship with the world of comic books in the wake of the pop icon's death. Along with his status as a notable collector and fan of comics, Jackson nearly became a publisher a decade ago when he met with comics legend Stan Lee and his newly formed company Stan Lee Media to discuss a potential purchase of Marvel Comics.

Over at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon directs readers attention to a set of home videos created during meetings between Jackson and Lee, as well as a video that follows Jackson and Lee on a tour of the headquarters for Stan Lee Media.

"We're all fans," Jackson tells Lee in the above video after taking a poster signed by the co-creator of many of Marvel's most popular characters.

Along with offering his own statement about Lee's place in the world of comics, Jackson shares some of his own history with Lee's creations during the video.

As his massive collection of memorabilia attests, Jackson was indeed a comics fan -- and that certainly seems like a quality we all share with the "King of Pop."