Neil Gaiman Explains Who Should Direct 'Sandman' Movie

SandmanA movie based on Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" stories has long been a topic of discussion among fans -- and even moreso lately, given the success of Gaiman's recent film projects like "Coraline," "Beowulf" and 2005's "Mirrormask."

While the likelihood of "Sandman" being turned into a film is largely dependent on whether rights-holder DC Comics wants it made into a film, there's been no shortage of fans arguing that both "Sandman" and some of its various spin-off titles (most notably, "Death") deserve the big-screen treatment. But who could get behind the camera to bring "Sandman" to (figurative) life? The popular author recently offered his own answer to that very question.

"I think it's probably some kid who, right now, is around 26-years-old," Gaiman said in an interview with Jam! Showbiz. "He may or may not have directed his first movie, but he loves 'Sandman' and he has the same amount of dedication to the material that (director) Peter Jackson had to 'Lord of the Rings' and Sam Rami had to 'Spider-Man.'"

"It's somebody who knows that there's this thing they love and they have a responsibility to the world get it right and not f--- it up," he added.

However, that doesn't mean Gaiman isn't understanding when it comes to certain changes necessary for a proper translation of literature to film.

"They're also not scared of changing the things about it that are not cinematic into things that are cinema," said Gaiman. "Otherwise you end up with something like the 'Sin City' movie, where you'd rather read the comic. I remember watching that and thinking, 'I think I prefer these characters better when Frank [Miller] draws them.'"

Would you like to see a "Sandman" movie? What do you think about Gaiman's comments regarding a potential director?